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Born in 1981, Nicky Marmet is a Los Angeles native. Growing up in LA, he was inspired by the abundance of mid-century modernism and the iconic architects of the city. He studied design at UCLA but left school early to work full-time for designer Brad Dunning. 


In 2013, Nicky Marmet Design was formed - a design and interior architecture firm for residential and commercial properties. The scope of work includes restoration, remodeling, furniture, and art curation. Nicky’s work strives for a casual yet sophisticated elegance. 


The existing architecture is first and foremost the deciding factor in choosing the design path.  The exterior and structure of the home has to work in harmony with the interior. The tonalities of the project lend themselves to the space and the client.


Each project is approached specifically to the client’s needs and can start at any stage of the design and build process. The remodeling and ground-up projects include fully detailed construction documents. Marmet Design oversees the build process and works directly with subcontractors to ensure that the quality is executed precisely. 


Marmet Design curates homes with a mixture of historical, contemporary, and custom pieces. Furniture pieces in the home are often custom designed by him. Working with a collective of master craftsmen, he will oversee the build and fabrication process of his designs. Nicky collaborates with artists to create site-specific works, and visits auction houses to acquire the right piece for a client’s home.

Nicky Marmet
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